Does Your Legal Content Marketing Strategy Have These Four Critical Pillars?

Do you have a legal content strategy that isn’t accomplishing as much as you’d hoped? If so, it may be time to outsource your content marketing strategy to a team that has extensive experience in this field and one who can keep you apprised about what to anticipate going forward. There are four common pillars associated with a successful legal content strategy and if you find that one or more of these is falling short, you can anticipate that you’ll see the results in lack of conversions on your website as well. Too many legal websites may be creating content or blogging just for the sake of it but there is far more to a comprehensive strategy than just creating content.

You should build content that is based on a local analysis, demographic, keyword research analysis, your practice area and competitor analysis. There are four pillars that you must have in place in order to succeed with content marketing, and to begin to see the connection between your content marketing efforts and your ability to bring in new prospective clients. These pillars include:

  •   Foundational content which involves improving the organic search rankings of your page.
  •   Primary content pages that are driven by keywords for your practice areas.
  •   Secondary content pages that are related to your underlying practice areas but slightly different.
  •   Tertiary content pages involving long tail keywords, and
  •   Frequently asked questions which address common issues that people come to you to receive assistance with.

When all of these are functioning properly, you can anticipate that you will see more traffic to your website and that more of that traffic will be converting into the type of clients you want to work with.  

Knowing where to start or even how to tweak an existing strategy can set you back if you’re not clear on your next steps. Thankfully, there are firms out there that can take over this marketing effort on your behalf and give you peace of mind about how you proceed. The support of a marketing team is valuable during this time.