Does Your Legal Content Marketing Strategy Have These Four Critical Pillars?

Do you have a legal content strategy that isn’t accomplishing as much as you’d hoped? If so, it may be time to outsource your content marketing strategy to a team that has extensive experience in this field and one who can keep you apprised about what to anticipate going forward. There are four common pillars [Read More]

How to Use Online Marketing to Build Your Law Firm’s Brand

An online marketing campaign for law firms has several elements
A content marketing and online marketing approach should never be too narrow for a law firm. In fact, law firms can benefit from taking big picture goals down into smaller strategies and tactics and enhance the awareness of their firm. One of the most common goals for any law firm engaged in the online marketing [Read More]

Is Your Law Firm Ignoring Search Engine Optimization?

The right legal website makes a difference in client conversions
Putting together a comprehensive legal marketing strategy is important regardless of your firm’s size or current position in the marketplace. Not having an appropriate legal marketing strategy can lead to a number of different problems, all of which suddenly become apparent when the pipeline has dried up and you don’t have enough leads. Thankfully, there [Read More]

Law Firm Marketing Tips: Consider Your Strategy First and Your Tools Second

It’s important for law firms to understand how marketing methods translate into the specific programs and software they use to achieve these goals. But most lawyers are approaching this backwards and relying entirely on software to manage everything for them without having the right strategy in place to fully address the goals. Many lawyers recognize [Read More]

Remember Quantity Instead of Quality in Blogs For Your Law Firm

A recent research study identifies that the internet is saturated with content and if you don’t have a pinpoint purpose for every piece of content you create, everything you’re saying can easily get lost in the midst of so many pages, blogs, eBooks, email marketing materials and more being created on a regular basis. You [Read More]

How Can Creating Educational Content and Posting in The Right Places Help Your Law Firm?

build a law firm following with educational content
You probably already know that you need a content strategy. But do you know what should go in it? Creating promotional materials might give the wrong vibe to someone who is taking a look at your law firm for the first time. It’s better to have an educational approach to help you. The creation of [Read More]

Blogging Tips Specifically for Attorneys

blogging for lawyers requires a clear plan
Ready to start a blog or to make 2018 the year your blog finally gets organized? If so, you might need help to get off on the right foot. Many excited attorneys will start the process on their own only to realize it’s too hard to keep up with the consistent style of blogging required [Read More]

Are Webinars the Right Way to Advertise Your Law Firm?

could webinars help boost your law firm marketing efforts?
Most law firms know that they need a full strategy for bringing in business and marketing the practice on a regular basis. Law firm business development is often top of mind at the beginning of the year and you may be thinking about strategies that are no longer relevant for you and adopting new strategies [Read More]

New Study Shows Legal Firms Upping Their Marketing Spend

more law firms are spending money on marketing
Most law firms recognize they must be involved in constant marketing in order to generate a consistent flow of quality clients as well as leads. More firms than ever are taking a hard look at their current strategies and trying to figure out whether it makes sense to hire a firm to help with a [Read More]

The Value of Custom Landing Pages for Your Google AdWords Campaign

learn how to use custom marketing for your firm landing pages
The content on your website and blog for your law firm makes a big difference- that’s why you want to hire a team who knows what is required to make this work for you. The landing pages you use will have an impact on how many people visit your site and stay on the site [Read More]